Grimm’s Fairytale Cover

For my Introduction to Illustration class, we had to create our own cover for a Grimm's Fairytale Story. I chose to focus on the story "Th eMarriage of Mrs. Fox." I felt that this cover properly represents the story, but also leaves a hint of mystery and wonder. This allows the viewer to somewhat interpret … Continue reading Grimm’s Fairytale Cover


Optical Mixing Portrait

An optical mix is when you create paint colors not by mixing them on the palette (or physically), but through knowledge of color theory and how the eye perceives colors that ¬†overlay each other. This was my attempt at achieving a successful mixture. Each color that you see was a single dot, there is NO … Continue reading Optical Mixing Portrait

Innovative Interaction

Although I am currently unable to present my entire design, I feel that this cover page provides a sufficient example of my overall composition. Using the software Adobe InDesign, I was able to create and entire interactive portfolio for my artwork. Since my major is Graphic Design, with a Minor in Drawing, this portfolio shows … Continue reading Innovative Interaction


This project consisting of creating an advertisement using the software Adobe Photoshop. I decided to use one of my favorite bands, Cage the Elephant. The process entailed drawing each person, along with drawing one of their album logos, that was in the band and then scanning into photoshop and editing and manipulating tools created the … Continue reading Advertising

Realistic Illustration

This is my first attempt at creating a illustration using the software Adobe Illustrator. I simply re created the photo of the building and attempted to make it as realistic as possible, by utilizing the rights tools and adjustments. With a limit of only two weeks to create this illustration and a beginners approach, I … Continue reading Realistic Illustration