Pen Portrait

Having winter break to relax and step away from my college courses, I decided to go back to drawing and portraiture. I have always done portraits in pencil, so I decided to change my medium and work with pen. I didn't know how to create values or texture through pen, but then the more I … Continue reading Pen Portrait


Contemporary Portraiture

I decided to devote part of the summer to become more familiar with painting, instead of drawing. This portrait is proof of the type of experimentation I have been creating. It is a portrait of an old man, but done in a impressionistic style and in a style that gives the portrait no sense of … Continue reading Contemporary Portraiture

Optical Mixing Portrait

An optical mix is when you create paint colors not by mixing them on the palette (or physically), but through knowledge of color theory and how the eye perceives colors that ¬†overlay each other. This was my attempt at achieving a successful mixture. Each color that you see was a single dot, there is NO … Continue reading Optical Mixing Portrait