Grimm’s Fairytale Cover

For my Introduction to Illustration class, we had to create our own cover for a Grimm's Fairytale Story. I chose to focus on the story "Th eMarriage of Mrs. Fox." I felt that this cover properly represents the story, but also leaves a hint of mystery and wonder. This allows the viewer to somewhat interpret … Continue reading Grimm’s Fairytale Cover


Mock New Yorker Cover

This project, for my Introduction to illustration course, consisted of creating a mock New Yorker Editorial Magazine Cover. The theme that was given by our professor was "Winter in Savannah." To portray that theme I chose to take a historical building within Savannah and use a interesting composition of half winter and half southern weather. … Continue reading Mock New Yorker Cover

Contemporary Portraiture pt.2

This is the second painting to my Contemporary Portraiture series. I have been interested in painting older people, recently, because of the details in their face and the multitude of texture and linear quality. I attempted to paint the portraiture in an impressionist style, but still somewhat realistic. It is interesting how every layer of … Continue reading Contemporary Portraiture pt.2