Cultivated Carson

For our final project in my graphic design class we were able to choose a famous, successful graphic designer whose work inspired us. I chose David Carson, a graphic designer who is known for his grunge typography style and many other successful characteristics. We were to create, through the software Adobe Illustrator, a modular grid … Continue reading Cultivated Carson


Word as Image

For a project within my major, we had to create a typeface that represents a word. I chose the word corpulent, which means fat, pudgy, or plump. To go about this project in a creative way I thought of fast foods, in this case Dunkin Donuts inspired me the most. The rounded doughnuts also inspired … Continue reading Word as Image

Contemporary Portraiture pt.2

This is the second painting to my Contemporary Portraiture series. I have been interested in painting older people, recently, because of the details in their face and the multitude of texture and linear quality. I attempted to paint the portraiture in an impressionist style, but still somewhat realistic. It is interesting how every layer of … Continue reading Contemporary Portraiture pt.2

Vintage Travel Poster

This piece was created in my Visual Design Systems class. We studied vintage travel posters from the 1920s-30s and saw how these posters each had an underlying armature to develop a successful design. We were also limited to a 5 color scheme palette, considering that was one of the main reasons why vintage travel posters … Continue reading Vintage Travel Poster

Contemporary Portraiture

I decided to devote part of the summer to become more familiar with painting, instead of drawing. This portrait is proof of the type of experimentation I have been creating. It is a portrait of an old man, but done in a impressionistic style and in a style that gives the portrait no sense of … Continue reading Contemporary Portraiture