Lubalin Booklet

This was the final project for my Typography class. We had to chose a famous, inspiring designer and create a booklet based off them and how they changed typography. This project was done in Indesign, except for the cover which was done by hand and then transferred into Illustrator. This booklet describes and provides how … Continue reading Lubalin Booklet


Oatland Island Wildlife Poster

For my final project, in my Introduction to Illustration class, we had to create a visually dominant advertising poster for the Oatland Island Wildlife Center in Savannah, GA. I chose to use gouache as my medium for this poster to give a natural essence. I tried to create a composition that provided movements of the … Continue reading Oatland Island Wildlife Poster

Illustration Advertisement

For my illustration class, we had to create an advertisement for either an event or product. I chose to do my illustration advertisement on a band coming to Savannah, Liz Cooper and the Stampede. They are a American Folk Rock band based in Tennessee. I feel that the simplicity in the background and the complexity … Continue reading Illustration Advertisement

Grimm’s Fairytale Cover

For my Introduction to Illustration class, we had to create our own cover for a Grimm's Fairytale Story. I chose to focus on the story "Th eMarriage of Mrs. Fox." I felt that this cover properly represents the story, but also leaves a hint of mystery and wonder. This allows the viewer to somewhat interpret … Continue reading Grimm’s Fairytale Cover

Mock New Yorker Cover

This project, for my Introduction to illustration course, consisted of creating a mock New Yorker Editorial Magazine Cover. The theme that was given by our professor was "Winter in Savannah." To portray that theme I chose to take a historical building within Savannah and use a interesting composition of half winter and half southern weather. … Continue reading Mock New Yorker Cover